This is just awful, but it took me so long im gonna share it anyway...

so i posted my first ever charachter animation a while ago in the Animations section, and it was prettymuch ignored, so im posting my second attempt here.

It would seem that my lighting modeling and lip syncing skills have improved, but my charachter animation (movement and expressiveness) have fallen, so im not particularly proud of this one, but it took me a few days so i uploaded it anyway, in case anyone here feels like they know what im doing wrong.

my main problem was obviously the weight paining, i couldnt get a smooth transition when his limbs moved, which is a shame because i quite liked the model itself. :frowning:

anyway, have a look, tell me what ya think,


Btw, the title of your post has got to be one of the funniest ones I’ve ever read. Unfortunately I’m not an expert on weight painting so I can’t help you there.

It looks like you might want to change the order of your armature and subsurf in your modifier stack.

I offer this because I experienced a similar problem with odd deformations and struggled with my weight painting over and over again. Then I finally realized my armature was modifying the pre-subsurfed model but those modifications were being rendered on the subsurfed model–which all translated to ugly deformations.

I don’t know enough about any of this to be sure if you are having the same problem, but I figured I’d throw it out there just in case.

(Someone else may be able to say whether I’m way off-base.)


i didnt subsurface, i subdivided and then set to smooth,

could that be the problem? 'cos i always do that. :eek:

Anyway, i have just tonight built and rigged a much more modular character who will be much more like a manequin for me to practice animating with from now on. whereby i wont have to worry about these messy joints simply because all the limbs and torso parts are seperate meshes. This makes animating easier, but obviously has its limitations when it comes to the way it looks, but it will have to do for now.

wow! Remy became a preacher

Btw, the title of your post has got to be one of the funniest ones I’ve ever read.

LOL. Agree.

Just keep it simple. The armatured model should remain the simplest possible. Then, when rigged, you add the subsurf modifier. This is a good way to go.


hmm, thats interesting, ill give that method a try after im done playing with the modular characters i designed, thanks for the tips!

Well when you use set to smooth without subsurf the faces tend to blink from black to textured when animated and intersecting eachother. I did that in one of my test animations when i was new to blender.
As meschoyez said it would be smart to use the subsurf modifier in that case.

And don’t beat yourself up about the animation i think it was pretty good. You could try to add more movement between the key movements. (inbetweeners)

Have you ever heard of or done any rotoscoping, sometimes copying real movement, or even the masters of animation is a good way to learn timing. Mind you, I don’t know how you would do rotoscoping in Blender, but I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere.