This is Killing Me!! How can we do this????


I’m watching the AM studen show case. And I reaally wanted to do the bouncing ball exrecisie that they have to do. But not the up-down bouncing ball, the other one with some obstacules. BUT I COULD NOT TO FIND ANYTHING to move the ball not just up and down but also accross de screen going trough the obstacles and following paths that the ball follow after touch this obstacles …I’ve seen something whith curve path, but It’s impossible to deal with speed, easing out and easing in…
Please help!
I put a link of what excersise I mean…

Thanx Blenderers!!

I have never done this, but you may get started with this rigid bodies simulation video tutorial:

Please, tell us how you progress, because i know there are other people interested in learning this (like myself).

This is not done with physics / rigid bodies simulation… it’s hand animated, cartoony style.

Notice that every time the ball squishes, it happens to be aligned perfectly horizontally? (looks the the line around the ball). This is because the armature for the ball is basically one bone in the upright direction which is resized for the impact. In other words, this ball can only squish (flatten) in that direction.

The rest is hand animated movement. In this exercise, students would have put in keyframes for the initial timing. That is, the ball would move in straight lines from bounce to bounce. Then, the students would go back and make inbetween frames to make curved bounces. The main emphasis of the exercise is that students would be learning to use the graph editor (IPO curve editor in Blender) to optimize the curves. Bounces (impact) are made sharp, and sideways movement might stay constant while up/down movement curves in an arc… etc.

You might want to play with this stretchy ball rig.


squash_stretch_ball_rig.blend (374 KB)

WOW! lancer…so you are saying that almost every single frame is focused on trying to make a curve??? WOW!! I never tohught this…but excelente TIP! thanx Lancer…I’ll start to do it! let see what happen.
Would be nice if we can do some AM excersise in blender, is in it? I don’t know…may be we can show that we can also do AM stuff…
Thanx again!..

And thanks Atom, I’ve already have that ball…let see what happen…:RocknRoll:

Do a search on this forum about Blender Bootstrap

I am not sure why but the whole interest in that died off. I would love to pick it back up but no one seems to be interested…

Yes KOOTS2…this is what we have to keep doing it!..I’ll put something there when I have something!..come on guys, let’s have our oun AM bouncing ball obstacle course…it is a lot to learn with this excersise!!

Oh! and ok…i see that in order to do this excersis…you have to key (almost) every single key…don’t you?

I’m in AM, and yes you hand animate it. It’s a good assignment for learning timing and spacing. Use constant keys at first and work your way to linear keys, then tweak the curves for the final product. I did pretty bad on mine and need to go back and redo it. Mine’s on one of my websites brandonayers (dotcom) I think.

Yeah!! A blenderer in AM!!! well thdaemon thanx for the advise!
I’ve just finish a bowling ball, hand animated…I yes, It’s amazing how many spacing and timimg you can leran with this asiigmente. I wasn’t doingn before, becasue I thoutgh you used some “curve path” but well…I’ll go for the wacky tonny ball now!! thanx.
This is my REALLY MODEST (and short!) bowling ball

UPs! I forgot my link!! There you go…

How to a nice start but you need to the rotation. It is off so it takes away from the animation. Start with a solid color ball and work on your arcs.

This is looking great for first try. Very nice feeling for animation. Good luck with your progress :slight_smile:

Pretty nice, but it looks like it jumps off of the end of the platform. Nice solid feel too it. Maybe a bit happy on the rotation, but still a nice piece. The rotation is really a final stage thing. It’s not important. Also, bright easy to pick out colors work better for animation critiques. No moody renders are needed, just concentrate on the animation. Now you should drop 2 balls, 1 being bouncy and one being a bowling ball. Make them collide if you want.

PS, on the bounce of the ball. You should have 2-3 small bounces really. Right now you have a large final bounce. The last bounce would be millimeters, maybe even less.