This is my recent work. I want honest critiques!


That looks pretty much realistic already. There’s not many things to criticize.
The bevel in the marble piece looks a bit weird to me, did you apply shade smooth? I dunno, I might be wrong about.
The bump in the wall looks a bit high to me, does it suppose to be that rough?
The bump in the seat is high.

Besides those lil things, I think the camera position is killing the scene, is way to close to kitchen counter and the angle of view is too low. I personally would set the angle of view a little higher, let’s say 42, or 50, and set the camera a little far away. I think that would make the scene a lot more good.

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Hi. It’s very nice image. :slight_smile:
Hard to find something to correct. But if you want…
I think stools are too height for that table, not comfortable. And chrome pipes are too masive.
First thing I see is croped painting and ‘ON’ letters.
Maybe floor to flat (no specular, bump), maybe to clear connection between floor and walls - I don’t know, it’s hard, sorry ;). Very good viz.

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Nice stools.
I think they’ve something on a strange reflection of the last part of the legs…
Sort of whitish halo.

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I was trying to figure out what disturbed me. Found it (or lack of it) - no baseboard on the walls.

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Hey @HarKMik,

Here is my critique:

  • I think you did a good job on the materials, they look pretty realistic.

  • Either the bar stools are too big, or the counters are too low. The way it is now, you would hit your knees. :slight_smile: Same for the counter in the back I think.
    I’d generally suggest to check the proportions.

  • baseboards are missing

  • Composition wise I cant give too much critiqe, since I am myself very unsure in that area :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot mate.
P.S. I did forget to smooth the shade.

:slightly_smiling_face: Appreciate the comments!!

:joy: Now that I’m seeing it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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