This is my shooting game first map and guy ....Updated nex guys....

Here is my first map what you think.



Here is the guy you need kill:

:slight_smile: textures

I need good water tut.

Hmm… a good start. I like the textures of the crates but i think the walls are a little repetitive. Also, is that a pool in the middle? Keep going!

Wanted Bob

yeah dude lookin good, but, er, did you use the textures from my level design tutorial? if so ya gotta gimme credit

my tip: change the ceiling texture, it looks a bit much with walls and ceiling with the same texture. Other from that it looks like a really good start for a game!

Tnx i make it better then i show you.

The new map is a little better, but i really like the good start on the enemy! The model seems really nice for a low poly character and the textures are nice as well!

Wanted Bob

TNX.But what i need to do, to make map better and how i make water invisible.

You can get the water transparent by going into fac mode “F” and selecting the “Alpha” option, but this only works with a certain texture file format i think TGA works.

So convert your texture to .TGA then select “Alpha” and your water will be Trasnparent

ok tnx i try but the map how i make that better

the map? what map

what i have made how i made it better

Make all your objects be affected by “Light” it will make it look better.
You could maby get a better water texture too.

But looking nice for a first game :smiley:

ok i try:D:p

I liked the enemy look that was very nice like
RagingChaos66 , And Wanted Bob Said

But I don’t really like the design also of the scene it looks a little to plain…
Try to add some more stuff in it just to make it less plain.
and for the wall’s try not to make the texture repeat it self to much.
meaning try to leave it streched out abit. Might make it look nicer ?
(I dunno but thats what I do in my .blend files)

Well but besides that your doing a very nice job keep it up :wink:


ok tnx here is the room whit lamp is it better ?

That looks alot better =)
Keep up the good work :wink:

it looks like you dont have set smooth on :stuck_out_tongue: try turning it on might make it look nicer :slight_smile:


Ok tnx i am making OB in the game

I am making lot of maps more for my game

oki what i need do to make is more better

wow. that’s fast improvements :stuck_out_tongue:
keep it up

ok i try do somthing more .