This is not about (strong languaje)

Hi all:

This is my last project. I wanted to do something like a TV spot and this is the result. It’s mainly made with camera mapping. Hope you like it. And remember… the goal was not to offend anyone.

Both the video and the music are mine. And you can find the credits of some of the photographs in my channel in vimeo.

Arg, this was terrible, really a poor text, with a poor message. You could creat a way better presentation of what you wanted to comunicate without the cursing, and generalise situations is a stupid thing to do.

Points of view should be discussed not trowed on the viewer s face, that is the biggest problems with the world that we live people dont have any respect by other s religions, or party or anything that goes agains their beliefs, the worst is that those same guys had created an mascarated idealism that want to pull those who believe on somethig out of it, but what is the reason of that?

Someone told me somethime ago be a revolucionarie by the other s toughts is not be a revolutionary is simply dont want to think about the right thing to do, and its a big truth, there are guys that say I dont believe on church or in god, but what they are doing is fallowing their own “religion” even by dont have a religion and they are more affictionated than those who believe on something and are not bothering nobody else.

Keep up like these and we ll have another kind of mean idealism like on the second world war, where poeple that have their beliefs ll be hanted, the way things are going is horrible and you with your video are helping this culture of ignorance, congratulations!

Brilliant and excellently said! The video flows well and the message is easily understood.

Leonnn, I really appreciate your opinion but I was not trying to start a political debate. I think this is not the place to have those kinds of discussions.

My intention was to create a video with a kind of TV spot structure using Blender.

And concerning the idea behind the video, I must have failed because seems that you didn’t understand the message. Next time I’ll try to make something better.

Ok kike, I think that I did got your point, maybe I overeact with it, but as you did I was giving my oppinion too…

Good luck for you with your messages for the world then!

I really liked the video, great camera mapping (i guess thats what this technique was called).
I also like the way the text was presented.

Thank you all!

I like the message, though it could do without the swearing. Also, I’m not a fan of the Impact font, though it’s not bad.