this is probably the most hilarious Google project ever: GMail Motion

It’s pretty amazing technology that they’re able to do that though. I know I’ll be using it often, despite working in a cubicle the size of a standard shoebox.


oh, this is funny. especially the guy writing the message in the video.

just think about it. some guy doing a funny dance in order to send a job application to his boss.

not going to happen.

For those that haven’t figured it out yet. Google motion was one of Google’s April fools day jokes this year.

Theirs the ultimate April fools joke. Making people act stupid in order to write an email versus making a person think you had a present for them.

welcome to 9 days ago?

Edit: nevermind


I should have clicked on the download button …

why would google have a joke.

the things while this was a aprils fool joke
I am currently involved in a project which actually uses
such techniques to control applications
just not with so wild body moves.

It’s pretty amazing technology
to track even your movement! goodbye privacy :frowning:

wonder how it would react if you was sat at your desktop doing things to pron lmao