This is simply nuts... ;-)


I played around with the bullet physics in 2.66 and rendered it in Cycles 800 samples.
The full size image has some nice texture details.

(updated image)

Full size 2560x1600 here

Cheers :slight_smile:

This is great! I’d render it with some more passes. I really like the color of the background. I’d probably use a different font in the top left.

Thanks guys,

I updated the image with a 1500 sample version and changed the font.
Personally i like a clean straight forward font.

Yes i used the Bolt factory addon and then tweaked them a little, they needed subdivision but looked weird with it so i manually used flat shading/smooth shading on selected faces instead.
And UV mapped a scratch texture to the metal with a tiny displacement amount.
Btw… your animation is gorgeous!


It’s pretty screwy too.

Looks awesome. Although I should have been more specific with my font comment. I prefer a straight clean font as well. There was just something about the one before that seemed off to me. I’m not at my desktop, otherwise I recommend a couple. Although it looks cool either way.

hi there,
i would alter the “crosses” and make the bigger
have a look at the ref. picture.

Very nice render. It seems like you used the anisotropic shader for the threads. The background is very nice and helps the scene become more than just a test render, and also the uv mapping is seamingly seamless. Good Job.

(Rimshot) Thanks, Daffy!