This is the problem

I am just a few weeks into Blender now. Most of what i have learned is straight forward and I think easy, but the uv unwrap is a problem. The face I made in the picture is just the front part, no ears, eyes or back of head. Should be simple to unwrap. What I get is a mess sort of. How do i fix that?
Why did i get that? I am using 2.42


From what I can see of your mesh in Face Mode ther on the left, you have some doubles. THat means that you have 2 vertices right ontop of one another that you need to get rid of.

In Edit Mode, select all and press W>Remove Doubles.

Also, when in Face Mode, make sure you select all your faces by pressing “A”. Looks like you may also not have all your faces selected.


I did what you suggested but have the exact same uv map. there has to be an easier way to uv unwrap. I have read some of the tuts but still problems.

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