this is unbelieavable!

I was stuck with a bone problem on bge then i tried to use the 2.53 version and that s what i was waiting for, there is no comparison between the blender 2.49 adn the 2.53 the armature for the game engine see the difference between the images, the 2.49 is running at 1.5 fps with more than 1.000.000 polygons rendered, there is 3 lamps one of them is a spot with buffer the character have 2 texture maps a dif and a norm, eatch one have 2048x2048 pixel.
the same scene on the 2.53 is running at incredibles 34 FPS his difference is huge.
A scene with 4 characters with 52 bones run on the 2.49 at 30 FPS a scene with 10 characters with 52 bones eatch runs on the the 2.53 at about 40 FPS.
I still dont know how many bones use on the BGE but certainlly ll be mutch better on 2.53. GOD BLESS THE BLENDER FOUNDTATION

2.49 version
By leonnn1 at 2010-08-26

2.53 version.
By leonnn1 at 2010-08-26

Amen to that! :yes:;):smiley:

the 2.53 renderer will be good for my game but the scripts and other things wont work in 2.53… so i have a not so good looking high-performance game :smiley:

I just ported my game to 2.53 and it was quite easy actually. The only things I had to change was the scripts :

  • mathutils instead of Mathutils XD
  • object_name instead of OBobject_name (when looking for an object in scene.objects)
    and the Action Actuator priorities which don’t work like in the 2.49. But I suppose your game doen’t use a lot of armature actions ^^

And one last trick, when you load a .blend file in blender 2.53 with File->Open, there is a box “Load UI” that can be unchecked to avoid loading the 2.49-style menus.

heh i would port it to 2.53 if the 2.53 can open my blend have unchecked load ui or trusted source but it just crash…

Arf too bad :no:
I think trusted source should be checked. Have you tried to make a new empty file and then append all the objects ?

Sorry leonnn, I’m hijacking your thread :o
Your character is really nice by the way.

Ow doenst matter, i just send the results of the bentchmark, this forum is here to help us doesnt matter where, and about the 2.53 version of the blender chaeMILL if you want a mouselook script this is the only one that works for me so far:

tanks but i have a lot more scripts that only the mouselook. but thanks :wink: in future i will make biw: episode 2 or something else in 2.53

Can you share the .blend file, so we can use it as a benchmark?

Thanks a lot,

Cool. That is quite exciting. I like how only one character in each image has eyes.

Edit:Nvm. Two characters

Sorry i cant send you guys the blend. is for a client i told him about the difference between the versions but he doenst even payed attention, so screw with him.
My graphic card on this test was a GTX 285m and my processor is a i5 2.something with 4gb of ram

Does the characters all have armatures and actions running in the gameengine?

greetings, moerdn

I remove the armatures for the test, but i tested with armatures too and it worked prety well