"This is What a Police State Looks Like" (video!)

Here is a short vid out side the DNC in Denver over the last few days.
Caution lots of cussing and police brutality.


Too bad the protesters were’nt armed.


Could you guys leave this crap on AboveTopSecret forums? I mean, it’s great that you’re into all the NWO and every conspiracy theory known to man, but if you don’t knock it off I will personally go to their forums and start flooding them with random bullshit threads just to piss you guys off.

Stop it.

Hear, hear. There’s a place for this, and this isn’t it.

(Psst, Squiggly–flood them with first heads and bad walk cycle animations…:evilgrin:)

and domain-thirty-sized solo fluid sims.

I could go over there with my Dragon avatar and sig and watch people try to see whether or not a reptilian infiltrated their forums:RocknRoll:

Seriously, AboveTopSecret is the place to dump conspiracy topics, to get your mind off of things just create something in Blender.

Very shocking video.

“This is What a Police State Looks Like”

Hahahaha. Hehe.

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I laughed out loud.

And will probably watch that movie again.

wtf was that!? i cant belive i watched that! i wanted to see some hippies ge the shit beat out of them. but they didnt do anything but block off a couple of angry hippies acting like complete assholes and letting them go when they calmed down. it was a like a big time out for people acting like little children.

hey guys! i dont like the goverment, so lets handle this the adult way and run into the streets and throw a pissy little tantrum!

retards, police state my ass.

Is that one of those moments right now? :yes:

Yes of course. Say something retarded like, “This is what a police state looks like”, then bash anyone who disagrees with you. It happens all the time here.

During the formation of CG-Nation, the mods of the old Anim8or.org forum had a discussion about why we shouldn’t have an off topic section. This is basically why. This is supposed to be an art forum, not a zomg-the-government-is-out-to-get-you forum.

People seemed to have forgotten what a police state is, so they use it like the world “nazi”, an epithet toward anything the government does that they disagree with.

THIS (NK) is a police state. But then maybe you disagree.

The history books are full of this stuff and much worse. Was there ever peace everywhere? I doubt it.