This little Guy needs a name (updated: Has a mouth)

keep in mind his voice is gonna be high pitch and sometimes he’ll talk really fast


Blert. Binky. Klork. Thrap. Shlink. Flack. Fock. Plarb. Ritty. Rorpe.


“meet the Focker!”

…sorry just had to… :slight_smile:


That description sounds like a talkative character in the Fleischer animated version of Gulliver’s Travels called “Gabby”.

Also, since there’s no mouth on the character now, what’s the character’s mouth going to look like? Especially if the character’s voice and talking style are such an important part of its character.

Well here is an update.
made a mouth with teeth. The mouth will be animated with blenders new hook feature.

Those empties in the image are the hooks. wonderful new feature. No more rediculous(spelling?) RVK animation.

Here is a render:

I moved the hooks to the smile face :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C appericated needs a name still keep pouring the names in

Nuk Nuk


The smile reminds me of Nicholson when he played The Joker.

pofo exactly waht i was aiming for :smiley: . My sound software can change up all sorts of things. Im capable of doing many different voice. (took voice lessons.) This software takes it to a whole new level. Audacity.

Hehe paranoide, the only thing I can see :smiley: name: nuan I think

Smi, Uguti, Phrow, Fro, Ivilipelo, Iwilepilow, Mike, Strhhl (yes no vowels), Wiscra, Laufi, Fle, Beasert, Huraro, Quchemit.

Sadly all of the above were found at a real site dedicated to giving people’s babies names.

He looks good so far. I am going to have to go do some more research on these new hooks so that I can see if they can help me in my new character animation endeavors. Good Job.


If you want real names, I think Chester somehow fits him. Or Paco. Excellent work.