This Object opens ok when its on my hd with both machines but not when copied

So this object opens up right when It is accessed on from the shared drive. HOWEVER once I copy it to a different drive and try to open it - This is what it does totally crazy it looks like a ghost spider got at it. !

I would attach the file but its says its too large. I would say so because it hangs the machine. This object was made with the spin command. On this project all those with the spin command does this stuff but only when I copy to a flash and open it up on my laptop. I can open this file up on the computer system network drive on two computers and it opens file. Also even thought this is a very small bit of mesh it is too big for me to attach. So maybe I will copy them all manually and rotate manually because it seams spin is messing things up ? TOO BAZAR it only does it when copied. ? ? ?

For some reason the file does not have enough in it to make it so large. I do not understand what is going on and why these files are corrupt. I belive this was caused by extrpb displacement maps.
because I dleted the maps off of this one objectt and it work. The maps had someting going on in the modifier panel. Im pretter sure that was it

So this distortion had something to do with the textures that were applied wth extreem pbr combo. When I remove those textures that distortion goes away but all the object in the sceen are pitch black. even new cube turns pitch black. Also this file is unesasarrily laboring and the files are way to large >> ? ITs lmost like a virus is messing with my files