This really bites.....hard

It kinda bites when you don’t have a lot of time at work to do stuff. Well today, I had plenty of time. So I made this little guy today and decided to see what everyone thought of him. Isn’t he cute? Yes you are…yes you are :stuck_out_tongue:
and the side:

So there you have it. Im sure it REALLY bites…so watch your fingers.

rofl love it :slight_smile:

That chain on his butt OUCH!!!

Yeah I thought what more to hold a creature back then to have a chain and ball connected to his backside?

Turn on AO, it will automagically make your lighting 50% more believable.

Ok I wasn’t sure what Ambient Occlusion was until I looked it up. For all others wondering what it is, here’s a good referance

WIth AO included:

it’s nicer if it has some bumps

if you really need the ball and chain, connect it to its foot, not on skin. i think it would be stronger if the creature is connected to the wall also, not to a small ball.

about the materials, you really need a nor and ref map there.
also reflection is too big (wide) … you want the mouth to be watery, make it ref harder…


i luv the chain texture. and if i was u i would make the chain wrapped around his neck hooked to the wall and have the chain more rusty and bloody…

Ok, I havn’t added water to his mouth but I did chain him to the wall and put small blood spots on the chain. I messed with the AO settings also…I kinda like the dark look.

Holy crap. When you said it was cute I thought it was going to be a fuzzy ball with eyes not an insane demon from hell :eek: You sir are getting my underwear bill :o Having said that it looks great.

Thanks…but but all I could afford right now is blender :stuck_out_tongue: so if you didn’t guess from that I have no money to spare cause its all going to a graphics college… But I laughed hard at your comment. Thanks Easton

maybe you can give liitle dirt to the floor corner