This site is worthless

How do i unsubscribe to your site?

I am not a forum mod, and I am not sure how to ‘unsubscribe’, but what seems to be the trouble that you want to unsubscribe? Perhaps I can help with whatever that is.

Please PM me if you would like to have your account deleted.

That said, my suspicion is that you’re having difficulty seeing new threads once you post them. Please read our Forum FAQ to find out how posts from new members are handled.

@Benz2: It most definitely isn’t worthless, trust me :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t BA just integrate CAPTCHA verification for new users’ posts? I mean, spam bots could still just spam in threads as posts instead of creating a new thread anyways.
As a second countermeasure, no more than one account could be created from the creation source’s IP address for a limited duration – not all IP addresses are static.

(Shrug …) Why bother making potentially-big changes to the code? You don’t stay a “new user” for very long. Yeah, it’s a little frustrating not to see your posts right away, but that’s over very quickly once you establish that you’re not a robot and that you have things to say.

Regarding Captcha, it could be an “AND” proposition, in addition to the current mechanism in place (perhaps reducing the minimum count from 10 to 5), but what we have in place is really quite effective.

As for your second countermeasure, I’m not sure that would work. Since we use cloudflare, I’m not convinced that IPs are any kind of reliable metric.