This site's colour scheme

Grateful for the site but the low-contrast created by the various greys are making my eye’s hurt. I am not old and have good eyesight.

I like the color scheme. Not everything in life is bright and vivid. In a world of overbright webpages, this one is soothing and comforting.

Not asking for bright and vivid, simply decent contrast. I’m surprised the scheme is even used as it would be avoided anywhere else. Try spotting the black boarders around fields.

Well, you know, democracy is great, but last time I went to someone else’s house and I told him I didn’t like the furniture and wall colours, suggesting him to change them and asking other guests if I were right and to vote I wasn’t appreciated much 8)

2 ? cents (lets see if Elysium handles Euro symbol well …)
! No, it doesn’t…


Personally I really like this color scheme,… I think the white text on the darker grey background is very clear. I don’t know but perhaps something is wrong with your monitor :).

Ehm,… perhaps (a big perhaps, as in not very likely to happen soon) I’ll be able to add another template to so users can pick their own.

Anyways I voted “No” :smiley:

Oh and S68,… I think php doesn’t have proper euro support yet,… I know there is a HTML standard for the euro sign it’s: € Now there is a function in php (which this forum also uses) to replace characters which have a meaning in HTML (like <, >, ", etc)with the actual code’s (like , €, etc). However this doesn’t seem to have euro support yet :).


the forum color scheme is ok, but the articles - black on dark gray - look awfull

Well, since you’re asking, I like pink and purple… with a pearl accent


Actually, I don’t have trouble reading this, but white on black, true black, is too strong for me, and I’ve found I hate that.

Hope that helped (The pink part that is :stuck_out_tongue: )

On the whole it is okay

But when you are used to set your screen with not too much brightness, it can be weird.

I remeber using the search function for the first time and I had not been able too find the field where to enter the words.

I can only see the lines, if I use 90 percent brightness


how old is your monitor… sounds like time for a tune up. as monitors get old the gradually get darker. a friend of mine actually had this problem and found that after 3 years he was still under warranty and after shipping it off for a week got it back good as new.

i for one love the layout! all though the personal site needs some work… sorry kib :wink:

Hi, thanks for your replies. As I said I am grateful for the site and my intention was not to insult the designer. I have been visiting the site for nearly a month now and to be honest did not take too much interest as I fully expected NAN’s site to be back up by now. However, the longer it goes on the more people will come to rely on this site so I thought some feedback appropriate. It just so happened that my first impression was “Jeez, look at the colour scheme!” and where as NAN’s site was nearly always kept displayed on my computer, this site goes as soon as I have had a quick look.

Also, I don’t know the age range of visitors but I suspect on the young-ish side. After 20+ years working in front of a monitor, and being increasingly aware of avoiding eye-stress, I still don’t need glasses while in some quarters they are so common it looks like some sort of virus outbreak (no offence intended to wearers!). The point is that whether you are aware of it or not your eyes will be effected in the long term. Even as I write this when the black borders move in and out of the blind spot my eye’s are momentarily drawn to them. This is something most people will be effected by but don’t take my word for it, do some research. There is plenty of material on the web and MS use to have a very good GUI design document which may still be available on-line (I think it may be part of the help that comes with VC/VB). Considering the interests of the people on this forum I would think this subject is required reading.

I think customisable colour schemes is a great idea.

Thanks to tmtechie re monitor advice. I have two of the same model, one two years old and the other only a couple of months. Contrast-wise they differ little but linearity on the older one is not what it could be. I’ll check the warranty.

the color scheme in the forums is ok…but in the area before the forums like tutorials and so, it is very hard to read that color scheme when it is black text on top of dark grey background, I think I meantion it somewhere else long ago, but that is what I don’t like of this site…maybe Kib will look into that , cause…I have hard time read those articles and text , I even have to select it with my pointer to really see what is says…and that is not very good…think of that !!


Hi tmtechie

It´s just two years old and normally it is no problem with 65 percent. But those black lines on dark grey won´t work.

My opinion as a Media designer in spe, except maybe the logo, the colour combination shows good taste to me. Quite some style 8)


and CGTalk recently changed their colors to something VERY close to the colors on elYsiun. :smiley:

There must be something good about the colors than, because that is a heavily visited site.

I like the colors they are soooo… modern! :wink:


I’m at the point that I should be wearing bi-focal glasses, but am not, and I have no problems reading/viewing this color scheme, it’s actually very easy on the eyes.

The site’s color scheme is nice, but still can be difficult to read, especially the articles (tutorials, news, etc.). More contrast is needed. Also, the “” background on those pages are nicely viewed in a web browser, but completely black out any text that’s printed to a printer. (using IE 5 and NS 4.7).

(n.b.: Those are the browser versions of generally every school-supported computer on this campus, and I can’t upgrade them. It’s weird how UC Berkeley has old versions of software that they can upgrade for free. :\ )

I really find the colours calming, but that might just be me. I love the orange colour for some reason, it’s addictive, I just keep coming back… :smiley: