This thought has been eating at me for a while.......

What would the lot of you say if I made an open, volunteer-based animation studio?

NOTE: I know people would prefer to be paid. But if you want to be paid dont sign up cause it’s not a garantee. That’s how im planning on making it work.

I’ve already got one animation that is, surprisingly, still a good deal afloat.
If it succeeds in getting finished that’ll be a great crutch for this concept.

Ah what the heck! I’ll just do it.
The short’ll be listed there anyways.

Absolutely great idea… Except for the fact that the only comunication that you’d be able to do is over the internet (you can’t all just go to california). Also if people want to make animations, they kind of need to be paid for it. Only because when they are animating they can’t work. There for the are wasting time getting no money. Lastly, online groups usually don’t ever finish a project. Trust me, I’ve seen many who have tried, and barely any have finished.

Thus being the reason why I’m setting it as Internet based.
You animate in what spare time you can muster.
And report what you can when you can.

Now of course I’m going to take extra organization procedures, as Contact is in a slight state of debacle due to this.
(luckily it’s still up and running).
As for payment, well, I think considering I’m selling a few of my models (and even planning on writing stock music I can sell on the same site), I may be able to pay a little bit.

I just need to have the money come in :smiley:
Ah well, thats a whole other matter.

So I’ll set it up! :smiley:
Once contacts done, I’ll try to come up with another story.

Maybe one using A132 :wink:

EDIT: I’m more trying something like this as an experiment.
To see if it’ll work fairly well or barely well.

And can we assume that you will be volunteering all your time too? It’s only fair.

Hey! Considering I’d have to manage it? Of course (and I’m not saying you have to use all your time.
Just whatever you can give).

Oh well. Till I do the stupid thing and start this, it was really just a thought.
So no worrying till then.:wink:

A group project without any kind of deadlines? Somehow I don’t see that happening.

I don’t know it’s just a thought. Until im sure I can figure something out just don’t think about it.

Hey if you have suggestions post them.

Not that I’ll do it…but hey go ahead.:smiley:

Might just work.

Feel free to check out at some stage. I am a team member, and although the site has slowed down a bit, there is still a wealth of information to be derived.

Then I’ll base it off of a combination between that and the Blender Foundation open movie projects.