Thom Yorke portrait WIP

Hi everyone
I’m a new user, so sorry if I do something wrong in the thread.
I don’t often share my works or WIPs on the web but some people suggested me to subscribe here, post my latest WIP seemed to me a good idea to introduce myself, so here I am.
I’m currently working on a Thom Yorke (Radiohead, Atom For Peace) portrait for the Blender based CG course I’m following in my city, I’m still far from complete it, the hair is a real mess, there’s no rig, and need to improve some other things about the eyes, texture and the materials in general, every other suggestion from you are really appreciated.Softwares used: Blender-MakeHuman-Istant Meshes-Photoshop
Rendered in Cycles
Below some test renders, wireframe and my early Behance portfolio for the curious:



I bookmarked this thread to reply to but it took me a while hehe
I think the likeness is excellent and the sclpint is very good. The area around the nose and mouth is great imho.
The main thing that bothers me is the forehead. I got an image to illustrate… basically it looks like you’re missing the “frontal eminence” which is a bulge above the brow ridge. I drew the profile that I see in your image in red and what I think it should be (slightly exaggerated) in green.
Great work, man, keep them coming!


nice job so far… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.
ToshiCG, this is a great suggestion on an important detail that I had totally overlooked!
These days I was going to post the various changes and updates I’ve made to the model, modify the forehead following this scheme will be surely one of those :smiley:

Hi everyone
Here’s the latest change to the project with some test renders:
First of all I’ve changed the forehead as suggested from ToshiCG, hoping I’ve not exagerated the form, after that I’ve completely changed Haircut and the hairs and beard material hoping to match them to the older Thom of this year, I’ve also changed the eyes and their material and added the lacrimal duct that was missed in the first renders.
Now I’m working on the rigging but the hair material in general (are the same either for the Hairs and the beard, the only difference is a vertex paint added for the beard) have something wrong for me, I’m gonna post also the node, some of you have suggestion for a better material?
Other general suggestions and tips are welcome as always!


I think it’s going great, man!

Something you could still touch up is the eye area.
I think the eye lids are too thin. I recently heard a very good sculptor say that making the eyelids a (tiny) bit thicker then real ones will improve you sculpt. I tend to agree.
The eyeballs themselves can have more detail, especially the iris.

Looking forward to the next update.

Thank you again ToshiCG, actually the eyes area don’t convinces me but until now I couldn’t figured out what’s wrong.
About the eyeball at first glance I think needs more work on the material because the sss of the internal sphere suck to much details, but I’m not totally sure yet, also now that I see it again with a fresh mind I’ve realized that the nose is still too sharp :confused:

This is some great work you have done yo. :wink:

Wow, great work! The eyes look dead though. They need a little glint of light reflection (what is known as a catch light). If the actual light source doesn’t do the trick, you can fake the reflection in eye materials.

Thank you for the tip, I’m working on adding some reflection in the external eye using the glossy color input trick right now.
I hope in some update in this days!