Thompson M4A1

hey guys here’s my first project. This is one of my favorite guns, along with the AK-47 and the M1 Grande. Since its my first project please don’t be too judgmental. expect an AK-47 and an M1 Grande, and some Sci-Fi looking ones too.


nice…use the smooth shading on the wooden parts(select the vertices then type w and press set smoth)or try the edge split modifier in the modifier menu after you set smoth all the model!

alright! ill check that out. thanks GausStriker101

I’d say this is pretty well executed for a first project :slight_smile:
Here’s a few tips though:
Set Smooth on the entire model
Model a table in front of a wall to place the gun on
Add a few bullet shells around it
Improve the texturing and materials some, try to go for a pitted wood on the butt and grip, with some brushed metal on the barrel.
Implement Ambient Occlusion
Improve the lighting, make it a bit more dramatic

These are just some things I would personally do, so take em or leave em :slight_smile:

I would’nt use that particular texture on the metal parts…
But then, Im no gun expert.

Also, you might want to add another light to your scene.