thoro's MouseScript for Screensavers

I am very new to the Game engine. I need help with making runtime .exe / screensavers. I looked at the topic Screensaver -> Quit on mouse movement ->Solved by thoro.

I followed the display although I could not see the settings chosen on the Keyboard sensor ( I pressed the allkeys button). When I play the file it will quit after 3 seconds if the mouse is anywhere over the blender player screen. If the mouse is not over the blender player screen the file will play until I move the mouse over the player screen.
I thought that this was to make the file quit running when ever the mouse is moved not whenever the mouse is on the player screen. If I change the mouse sensor setting to wheel scroll, It works like I exspect. The screensaver /exe will play until Iscroll the mouse and then it quits.What am I doing wrong and how can I hide the mouse while the screensaver (.exe)is playing?
I need the file to play until the mouse is moved.