Thoroughbred Horse

Hi, this is my first time posting work on BA so thought I would share my recent 3D project - a Thoroughbred horse which I modelled in Blender then did some detail sculpting, UV/normal map creation in ZBrush and then import back into Blender for rigging and posing. I kept a low-poly version in case it might come in handy for future animation projects.

There are some more renders and info on my blog at if anyone interested. Comments and feedback welcome!

Welcome to blenderartists Bob. very nice model and texturing. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future. Are you planning on creating an animation ?


That is some fantastic work you got there!
Definately one of the most realistic horse models I’ve seen around. And that is coming from somebody who owns several!
Although, the material seems very different between the neck and the body, usually there is a difference, but not so sudden. Usually you get a slightly more smooth look to that.

Other than that, excellent work!

EDIT: This is just nitpicking, but usually thoroughbred horses have a branding on their neck :wink:

Thanks WefyB. Yes, I had a bit of a fight getting decent image textures of the whole body. I took many hi-res digital photos and had quite a lot of work to do in Photoshop to balance out the shaded areas. I think this is why the neck came out looking slightly different. I’ve learned quite a lot doing this, and the next time I shoot reference images I’m going to make sure I take them on a day with flatter light!

You are correct about the branding. Our horse is an ex-racer and has branding just behind the withers. I Photoshopped it out purely for cosmetic effect!

Personally I would have kept the branding, it is one of those features that can make things look more real, and less CG.
Also, All of my horses have branding, and not all where used to race. Most simply have it because of the stud that they where bread at.

And yes, taking reference photos can be a pain, I know from experience…

Wow, thats a very good horse model. Not too sure about about the saddle material though.

Beautiful work, sir!

In a desperate attempt to find something to crit, I’d say that - depending on the use to which this will be put - some scuffing & / or variation in the specularity of the saddle seat would just nudge it from “porcelain statuette” perfection back toward realism… But that’s merely splitting hairs.

That’s incredible! Welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile: Way to make a good reputation with your first post, too!

really great job! im glad someone is interested in modeling horses.

nice render, love it! Not a huge fan of horses myself, so not very critical.

I like the color difference, to me it gives it a natural random feel. Good work man.