Thoughts About My First Model

Hi guys, recently I have applied for a job and they gave me this model to draw. And they also said it is not necessary to be exactly the same with this model, but it should look like this.

They give me 3 to 4 weeks to learn blender and model this unicycle, I tried my best, and here is what I achieved

So my meeting was today and he said that he didn’t like it, since I do have not much experience, I wanted to ask you what should I improve. The interviewer didn’t like the seat, the interior section of the wheel. Can you put yourself in the interviewers’ shoes and rate me up to 10, 10 is too good, 1 is too bad. So I can see how far I come. And also can you tell me which parts should be improved.

Finally, as a beginner I want you to suggest to me learning tips or practices to learn blender better.

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Great model ! :clap:
I’ve got only one thing to say : the geometry of the seat is a bit messy, especially in the corners
But you really naile the creation ! great textures also !
Keep going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for your compliment.

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It looks good, but has technical flaws.
A very detailed wheel does not go well with a low-detailed saddle. Is this a game redy model, or is it for render?
I see a noticeable seam on the tire. It’s most likely a smoothing issue.


It is for AR, anything else except, tire and saddle, thanks by the way for telling me about my mistakes.

Just curious and for clarification. Is this your working blend file? Have you modeled the unicycle in Blender or have you just textured it? Have you exported and re-imported it?

I wonder because the model in the blend file looks like an imported model. The whole model is triangulated. If you model this in Blender you would maintain a quad mesh. The objects are numbered and images are numbered. And the materials are really generic (empty emission and transparency maps). The material settings are wrong and the shader nodes are not arranged very clearly. This often happens when you import an FBX or OBJ file into Blender.

If you open the blend file it looks like this:

The model is well made. But there are some issues:

  • material settings are wrong. This makes background objects appear in the front. (blue arrows). Turn off Backface Culling and Show Backface in the material settings. It does not work well with transparency (Blend Mode is set to Alpha Blend). Because there is no transparency at all you can turn this off, too (set Blend Mode to Opaque).
  • UV mapping is messed up (purple arrows). This is especially noticeable on the saddle and fork. I wonder how this happened?
  • some faces of the model are inside-out (flipped normals).
  • Auto Smooth option is enabled for the tire (purple arrows). This causes shading issues.
  • there are a lot (10710) of duplicated vertices. This can create shading and a lot of other issues.
  • there is a small ring floating around (near the center of the tire/green arrow)

Messed up UV example:

The fork is not that easy to fix because the UV mapping does not fit the texture. There might be gone something wrong when you baked the texture?

If you fix these issues you have a nice unicycle :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this detailed explanation.

I model this in Blender. After I model the unicycle, I paint it in Adobe Substance and save the file with GLB extension that the interviewer want me to do. Then I import the file to Blender.

After I textured the model, I tried to pack the model that is why the fork and the saddle UV map is messed up, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

Without duplication how can I reproduce the parts I wanted to reuse, I couldn’t figure out it as well.

I don’t know the thing that let to small ring to be there.

I will fix the issues you told me. Thank you again.

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That’s cool ! especially for a first model ! except a few glitches here and there it’s quite clean and professional !

Bear in mind that 99% of the time you’ll be asked to change your work even if ones can argue that it’s perfect. I see that all the time, on every project even with very very talented people. I you’ve mde something, be prepared to get comments and to redo some parts, it’s part of the job and the creative process, even if sometime this can be over-abused and lead to tweaking stuff that doesn’t really matters.

Was this a test to get you a job ? or is it your first assignment ? Do they allow you to make a second version or they prefer to work with someone else ?

Anyway, keep on improving yourself and if that job doesn’t end well I’m sure the next one will be smoother. Starting a carrier in CG can be a bit hard sometimes but generally by sticking to it it gets better !

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Thank you a lot for your compliment, these are really motivating me much more you can think of.

Thanks for this great advice and this really broads my mind.

Yes, it is.

Yes, this is my first assignment, and I already met with the interviewer 3 times, I am fixing the stuff he told me and he saws stuff that he didn’t see in the former meeting, and he tells me to fix there too, he used to tell me to book an hour from his calendar for the next week, after I fixed the issues he told me. But this last one he wasn’t satisfied again and didn’t tell me to book an hour to meet, I may lost the chance I had.

But like you said, If this is not the one, I will find the the job I need, I will keep learning, thanks for all your effort to comment on my work, things you said motivates me a lot, thank you so much.

Ok !

If he takes all that time to make reviews that means probably you weren’t that far from their requirements.
For me it was quite complicated to get a first job, I met a lot of people but every time there was some issues and I wasn’t good enough at that time. It had taken me some years to get a real job in CG and other years to feel more comfortable in the job. But since then I always manage to find some jobs and it always go well. Hopefully for some people it’s easier to get their foot in the industry but anyway as long as you keep improving and stay motivated it will pay off one day or another !