Thoughts on anatomy and design of my stylized head

I’ve been working quite a bit on trying to get a head/face that has proper anatomy along with my stylized eyes and mouth made with grease pencil. How did I do? Are there glaring flaws that I am blind to? I went for a generic attractive fantasy look, did I succeed?
Thank you for your time.

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Are you going for a toon shader or a stylized/semi-realistic look? Right now, there’s a kind of clash of styles. I think the Grease Pencil eyes work better with a toon shader :thinking: Has she teeth to laugh? :smiley:

The head, face, and anatomy look fine. But I would adjust the eyes a little bit and move the iris and pupils a bit up. In a relaxed state and neutral facial expression, the upper eyelids rest on the pupils and cover a little bit of the iris.

However, I don’t know if this is easy to achieve with the Grease Pencil.

Ah, thank you for your thoughts. I wasn’t going for a toon style in particular, but more something of an original style. Everything is full adjustable and animate-able. I posted a test animation I made shortly after the original post. And yes, she has teeth underneath the layer for her lips.

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