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:spin: OMG!!!

Very cool albert… I hope it will be under 20$

Keep us informed – looks really good.

Very cool!

What next? Any Update?

the usual black magic! :smiley: looking very good! :slight_smile:

Ahh, saw the test videos a while ago, great that you continue developing it!

Looks great.

Any news on this? Looks super-useful :slight_smile:

This looks very promising. I can’t wait to see more developments! :slight_smile:

Any news ? How Your work with this addon ? This will be release or this was only concept proof and now has abandoned ? Should we wait for this addon ?

Yes, what happened with that? It would be such a shame to drop this.

I’ve been really busy, & couldn’t continue development because my laptop screen is cracked. I am using my TV as monitor for now. Here is quick test for auto retopology on hard surface models in one click (:

This addon has to be finished I’m pretty sure many of us would buy it with reasonable price like hard ops and such. With that support you could buy new monitor and blender community would be very happy too its a win win.

It’s AWESOME ! I have been waiting for this since last year. Imho You should release alpha/beta - for cash of course. Think about gumroad, very good platform. I don’t want tell You how much should cost Instant retopo, because its Your work. Here should advise You someone like pitiwazou or masterxeon. They sell imho a lot of addon (or I’m wrong :confused:). In my opinion Instant retopo can be best seller.

Great work. Looking forward to try it

Would buy it immediately

is it just add re mesh and tweak few parameters , it might do something else , i am just assuming

one more question , can we get proper topology like we get in zbrush with Z remesher ?
because your older video shows some of very cool stuff ,

looking forward for it

good luck

I’m a willing payer for beta testing, especially if I can have a little more control than what I get with the Remesh mod. Are all the retopoed meshes manifold as well?