Threadripper 3990X V-Ray CUDA benchmark

An interesting post from Vladimir on V-Ray cuda rendering. A Threadripper 3990X gets a better CUDA benchmark score than a GeForce 2080 ti.

Looks like AMD already has excellent raytracing hardware; it’s not a GPU though, it’s called “Threadripper”. According to the V-Ray 5 benchmark, a single Threadripper 3990X is twice as fast as a GeForce 2080Ti running the same code. Other tests that I’ve done recently also more or less confirm this although results vary somewhat based on the scene. This is in part due to some optimizations in our CUDA CPU fallback to make better use of the CPU.


It’ll be interesting to see whether they will develop this.

but threadripper cost ~3300$ and twice fast 2080ti and mobo, cooler for reaper is very expensive for it

RTX 3090 now cost 1850$ with recommended price 1450$

and RTX 3090 faster than 2080ti in 1.88 times (almost x2)

but cost cheaper and you can put them in one PC from 1 card up to 13 with right mobo and right PSU (example for right PSU)

here results for 10x 3090 - it have almost linear grow… you can’t put 13 threadrippers in one PC but you can put on Windows 10 - up to 13 GPU RTX3090 in one PC, or two-three RTX 3090 in literally every random PC

even in scale of one TR3990x VS RTX3090 - almost two time in compare with 2080ti but price for RTX 3090 much cheaper

Hey, thanks for sharing your work. These are really interesting images, and I love what you’ve done with the red arrows, but I don’t think Chaos Group are going to be developing retail pricing for hardware.