Three day pass it on project

Hello I’m Dregoth and I was sittin at home messing around with blender when I had this idea(that many people probably had at some point… or had one similar w/e) I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a 3 day pass it on project. this would be where every three days a new blender artist would get a blender file containing everything previous artists added, then added their own piece over the course of three days or less, and sent the file back to me to be passed on to the next artist. please email me at [email protected] if anyone would like to take part… please send me a picture of something you have done with blender… just so I know you at least have the program ahahah. anyone and everyone can take part regardless of skill level the order of participants will be in order of email time recieved… like being in a line, first come first serve haha. as for rules… just don’t cause render times to exceed a reasonable amount because of what u add… like 3 hours… Ill try to be kinda easy on this rule mattering on the quality of work… I will post pictures of each render with each new piece added on this forum. also please dont remove someones work from the file… changes will be ok if their work isnt compromised. I dont wanna waste anyones time haha. and yeah… just do whatever u want otherwise… also because I dont wanna waste anyones time if u take more than three days I will send the next applicant the blend file, skipping you. I hope I get some artists interested and I cant wait to see what people think of :). also forgive any misspellings and bla bla bla bla (disclaimer of my stupidity) ahahha peace out

This sounds like an elaborate chain mail type of thing. Well I won’t be participating as of yet, but will most definitely be keen to view it progress as it passes blenderhead to blenderhead with your self at the link.

yeah no i was like… wow I sound like a robot… ahahah dun worry I guess would be somethin I could say but id need trust hahaha >.< and so far I just created this account today after using blender for a few years cause of this idea so not much of a backround of trust yet haha… yeah but as soon as u wanna participate feel free to send me an email and get in line :slight_smile:

I’m staring at your text but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it reads.

Going to give it another try. Back in a minute…

Dang, that was hard. I’m serious. Please, if you would like people to do something for you, the least you can do is to make your text readable.

Anyway, as far as I can see you’re trying to do some kind of Photoshop Pong, but with Blender instead?

Ahahah, I was about to say it was once done with Blender, in a exquisite corpse way, and then I realised the “3d exquisite corpse” example on wikipedia was the image we did :confused:

(but honnestly the 3D exq. corpse was a mess, because you had to erase a big part of your work and use a placeholder cube instead to be sure the other person would see only a very small part of what you did.)

Your biggest challenge would be controlling it - e.g. a “linear” contribution flow. Better to just start it like one of those off-topic thread games and let it take on a multiple-threaded life of its own. But, then some’d get pissed off that their work ended up in a “dead” branch… so…

How 'bout setting up a big Verse server session and let everyone model simultaneous-like? :smiley:

hahaha. sorry it sounded so much like robot talk, id set up something bigger but im too young with no means to do alot of this so im just workin with what I have, so just email me to get this thing started, as the link of this to everyone id rather not start it myself but if lack of interest happens then Ill post a small startup file… so pretty much simplified heres how it would work, people email me to participate, first person starts the file, after a couple days or less sends me his work, doesnt have to be a whole bunch just one or two things, then I email that file (after reviewing and rendering to post on here) to the next in line, repeat steps repeat repeat… it seems simple enough to me :slight_smile:

Yes a Verse Session would be cool… :smiley:

I have testet it last year, but it was not very stable.

Do you know where i could find a Verse Server, which is online?

How would you go about doing that?

As for the idea i think it would be pretty interesting to see how a scene changes after someone else adds to it.

I’ll help you out, buddy.
Basically he starts off a .blend file. One other Blenderhead gets the file, then returns it to him after 3 days of improving the scene. Then he gives it to another Blenderhead, and it goes in a chain.
Ik kan niet praat so wel in nederland, het is goed dat jij leere Engels. Goed gedaan, maan!


You are far more patient than, I. After one glace I moved to the next post to see if I could get an idea from context. 8)

a few comments ask about a verse session for this project, though it sounds like a good idea(I researched into blender site for info) I would like to keep the project flow more person to person instead of a messier shared pool of files. this way a timeline of the project can be kept easily along with an easy way to aknowledge participants. I would also just like to start very basically and I would think that a single person to person based file transfer system (email, possibly a p2p as well?) would be a good start just to test this project out heh :slight_smile:

oh PMing me will work just as well if u just want to start talking to me about starting this.

@dregoth: Please please please please please pleeeeeeze … use the ENTER key that’s on your keyboard.
Having some line breaks in your messages would make them much more readable.

Please. :yes: