three models of chairs

Hello, I would present my three models of chairs, hope you like

nice model chair

n. 2 Awesome design.

Thanks guys

Excellent work once again julioras!

I especially like watching your timelapses to see how you model, I learn a lot.

Since I know you’re very good at Yafaray I thought I’d post your Barcelona chair from blendswap. It rendered in 3 min 30 seconds, with no postpro:) thanks for sharing, these are great learning tools.

thanks for comment, these three models will soon be in blendswap…

Well, I have 3 complaints.

#1 looks like it would break if you sit on it.
#2 looks very uncomfortable.
#3 is not a chair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you ignore the technical point though they look amazing, I especially love the first one, very pleasing design :slight_smile:

Very nice. This forum has some impressive artists, and you’re definitely one of them. :slight_smile:

thanks for commenting, glad you liked