Three questions about this result.

  1. Why the rocks down the window are up the grass? That is not like that in the model.
  2. Why there is lot of reflection of the Sun up the “balcony”?
  3. How can I get a realistic street?
  1. Check your rock position more closely. They are up the grass. Move them down.

  2. Your material is shiny and reflecting the sun. Turn down or turn off specular reflection on the roof material.

  3. Look for a more realistic street texture. You may have to do some work with the texture in Gimp or Photoshop to get it to tile properly and to avoid repetition.

Thank you Orinoco; I repleaced the plane of the grass, changed settings of the Street texture and errased the gloss shader of the Wall paint. The exessive reflection persisted so I edited that in GIMP.