Three tips for Tutorial makers

I totally agree with the no sound. But I understand that some people are self consious about their voice or may not speak a certain language well ,or are protective of their privacy.

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Other issues with tutorials:

I wish tutorial makers would desist from using the boring-ass CUBE and SPHERE, and use Suzanne, the toroid, or better, some asymmetrical object when they demo, because sometimes the symmetry can disguise shortcomings in a given technique and/or tool.

I also wish they’d move away from the world origin, as it is frequently a special case, and dealing with issues involving coordinate systems should be addressed early on.

By the way, on the BG music…

People have the WORST taste in music. Just the worst.


No, I think it worse than that. :wink:

In Ireland we say ‘worster’ ;:rofl:

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No, I think it worse than that. ;)[quote=“Musashidan, post:25, topic:1210142, full:true”]
In Ireland we say ‘worster’ ;:rofl:

And here wus me thinking that was wool. :smiley: