Throne Room (Long WIP)

I decided to finally after all this time, to sit down for a week or two and produce a really nice high quality throne room scene. I was suggested to keep updating the WIP on here to keep me motivated. Hopefully people will like it and not end up hating it. BY THE WAY! When I model I make the object large so it’s easier to see detail and the camera zooms in better. It will be resized to fit when I am done with each piece.

Here is the very first progress video.

But…where is the subsurf?

At the very end, everything is rough modeling at first. and the chair is only like 30% finished.

Progress part two.

Here is the next update, it’s coming along nicely.

Here is the 50% completed mark, hows it looking now? I made 100% of the models myself.
Please bear in mind it’s still not done.

Looking good so far. Maybe add metal pieces to hold the red carpet thing on shape with stairs for sake of realism?

Interested to know why there is that bar top of those pillars and what else will come up there. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you are planning UV mapping the wall cloth and use cloth simulation perhaps? (try turning the speculatiry of the wall cloth piece way down)

Maybe sharpen up the edges on pillar ornaments?

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and comments. What kind of metal pieces for the carpet do you mean? can you give me a link to a image? Also it’s medieval times, so like 1400’s - 1500’s.

The bar on top will have two royal flags hanging from it, (providing I can get the cloth to work correctly!).

True converting it to a cloth may be better, and you’re right the light shouldn’t be that bright on it, as carpet or rugs actually bend light and diffuse it.

I added loop cuts for the pillars to make them sharpers, but I agree that they are still a bit too round and fake looking, I will adjust them and see what I can pull off.

Thanks again!!

Here’s a link to the metal pieces

Idea with that is to stop the carpet from slipping under your feet and keep the shape. Another option is to clue/nail the carpet to stairs.

I was wondering if its 1400-1500’s style then were there red carpets back then? I have no idea.

Ah alright I will see how it looks with those.

I have no idea either

How are we looking now? I feel it’s getting more realistic and cool looking. Everything is very low poly. It’s now only 75% done. I have a couple major items to make. Stay tuned!

Here is the finished result, took about a week, and was tiring. I know it’s not the most amazing thing ever, but it was a fun little project. The first full scene I’ve created, and where I made all 100% of the models for it.

Now comes the fun part where ya get to tweak stuff. Maybe start from the floor as it seems to be kind of flat even though texture is bricks. Use Displacement from texture settings on it maybe? :slight_smile:

Yeah it could use work, but I just wanted a project that I’d see to the end, and I did. This is the first time I’ve seen a render through non-stop for a week straight. I am proud of myself.

Long WIP!? A week!? There’s so much more you can do! Like Zeniux said, get a displacement map going, work on lighting, work on making those columns look less like default blender material!

For a while I stopped with scenes before they were really done, and to a certain extent I still do, but if you take a couple hours to learn the basics of some other aspects of blender like lighting, texturing, etc, you’ll get the hang of it real quick and you can start applying your knowledge to each render you do without thinking too hard.