Throne room (work in progress) need help

Here is my new project but I´m bit stuck. Is there something to improve ?

A few things I would recommend.

  1. Use a wider angle lens.
  2. Give your room more layers, move the walls out further, give more space between throne and back wall. Maybe add a 2nd story, and a hallway on the left wall (just to give the image more depth.)
  3. Put a pattern on the banners.
  4. Maybe add some volumetrics? if your comp can handle it.
  5. Make sure all your scaling is correct, put a human in there at 6ft tall and make sure everything makes sense in size.

Nice job on the render.

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Ok, thanks i will send you final product. Have a nice day

still like it , how bout a couple of Greek statues in the ways to add volume

well Greek statues would be a big challange bcs i dont know how to sculpt and i dont know the anatomy

Really, everything in a dramatic scene like this depends on the lighting.

The “campfire torches” are practical lights which don’t add any light to the scene, and what light is coming through the window (curiously, it must be nighttime on the other side of the hall …) is not dramatic. You need to fill-in the shadows around the throne and use additional lighting as though you were lighting this set in the theater.

It’s tempting to make the lighting “real” and “accurate,” and yes, Blender can of course do that. But, that’s not dramatic or particularly functional. You need to set up additional, off-camera lighting to accomplish several things:

  • Basic Exposure: Everything in the frame is “properly lit.” A “histogram” curve has the proper bell-shape without excessive spikes on either end.
  • Directing the Eye: The eye naturally focuses on the “brightest and most contrasty” part of the scene, then wants to follow a closed path from one lit object to the next which carries it around the frame and then back to start.
  • Drama: "Something’s going on here," and light is a big part of letting you anticipate what that might be. The throne-room of an evil king might be somber and dark, while the throne-room of “Good King Winceslaus” would be bright and cheery even if it’s the same room.
  • Practical Lights: If those “campfire torches” were supposed to cast light, light doesn’t have to come from the torches themselves and probably wouldn’t. In CG, a lighting fixture can be positioned in plain view. These lights provide plausible lighting to correspond with the light that the practicals “might” cast. (But the audience isn’t going to be paying a terrible lot of attention to them anyway – the only thing that would “draw the eye” is if the light was missing.)

This will help for sure. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here´s my progress


I would like to hear your opinion on my last render after you told me about the lights to make sure i understand it right