alright in this post i will show you guys what i have updated to my new fightng game called throwdown

things that will be shown
-create a player mode
-when you select your fighting style after creating your character
-the soundtrack slider
-1 of the arenas i started to work on
-before creating your character
-the character select screen

things i need help with the most character ideas

and a animator/rigger cause i can do pretty much every thing but those

and also everything you see can be clicked ie(all clothes items)


looks good but what is it about any more information?

the game is about you (the character) you have to fight where ever your fighting style is from you have to fight to gain respect and with that respect you then be informed from some one that your character is good enough to fight in the throwdown internationals where you will fight in a tournament against different fighting styles to get the internation fist cup thats all i have for now

Any updates lately? I like what i have seen so far.

actually theres a little update ill post it