THUNDERBOLT - Arcade Flight Combat

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Good job I want to make game like this too I like air combat very much.
See this it really inspire me.

Very well done! Good luck.

thanks for all comments

This looks GREAT! It looks very realistic, in terms of the controls and whatnot. Graphics look really good, and the sounds are good too. I don’t see anything wrong with this game :slight_smile: Phenomenal work so far, keep it up!

thanx for comments

Looks like the real thing! It seems you know what you are doing and how to do it!
We want to see the “…combat” part of the title. :smiley:
Good luck! It looks great!

wow nice stuff, the game looks awesome already, keep up the good stuff coming!

thanx for comments

GLSL Color Paint Shader


very nice to see another gg on the BGE :slight_smile:

can we see new game play since 2012?

coming soon

Good, is they a Free Version thou?


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I’m thinking of releasing a demo version.

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