Thx to Blender: just some easy figures for scientific visualisation.

Dear all,

today I want to show you really humble works, nothing special indeed, but perfect for me to work on my beginners blender skills: scientific visualization. Whenever I want to present my work, as poster, talk or right now as publication, I’m really eager to give it a little professional look, but with easy and quick recognizable informations. And anyway, when concentration is going to die, blending keeps me working :wink:

So the first picture is just a geometrical example for the structures I work with, each cube 10x10x10 nanometer³ in volume (quite small :wink: ):

The second work is just the final slide of a talk, when questions can be posed. already more sophistcated, since Cycles was used and the game engine did the arrangement of the cubes for me :slight_smile:

And finally something to get used to compositing, with a comic feel done with this nice tutorial:

Also some blooming and lense distortion is added. Everthing nothing special for my own perception, but anyway you might be delighted that the very first picture is now on the cover of the nenowned journal “physical review letters”. This week on the title page (, always to be found here:

With this threat I want to thank the Blender-Team and give credits to the best open source software I know imho. Thx for giving me this opportunity.