Tibbiana gas extractor

A more organic Tibbiana gas extractor:


Critique welcome. 8)

No image. It’s anice lttle red X though :wink:


Try again.

OK. Now I see it. Nice work. Maybe a little to much mist? Just my opinion though, so don’t take it too seriously :smiley: . Anyway, I love the bump map on the big part at the top. Very nicely done.

How is this supposed to be extracting gas exactly?


The bump maps were found on the Blender book cd.

The models and the scene and the material settings were all mine though.

I’m not very good a textureing.

Nice image. I like the mist just the way it is. Can we see a whole farm of them, working off into the distance?

That CD in the back of the Blender guide has cool stuff on it? I never looked! Duh. I’ll have to check it out.

Good image but I don’t think it is doing its job well. There is more gas around the extrtactor than is probably in it. Oh well. Waste not want not.