tick-tack the clock

hello there to you all,
in fusion-vfx we desided to change all of our pipeline and work with blender
instead of the other 3d apps on the market.
this frame was done all with blender (which i proud to say).

hope you all like it :slight_smile:

yes i like it, maybe you can improve the shaders/gloss, ( toothed wheels)

Like the second render, but in my eyes a bit to much deep focus :slight_smile:

thanks for the cnc we will sure take it to our consideration.
( i have an issue with dofโ€ฆi really like it exaggerated). :slight_smile:

Nice work. Well done :slight_smile:

The dof is is actually realistic since it is small. Macro shots have a lot of dof.

very good job on the clock. did you use cycles or BI.
To me it looks like BI

Both renders look beautiful!

First of all thank you all. As for the render engin we used cycles :slight_smile: