Tidal wave?

I just came across this article, about a tidal wave headed for England’s east coast. Is it true or is it hype?

It makes you ponder on the issue of global warming doesn’t it ?

Not really. I think Global Warming is a hoax. :slight_smile:

Yep . . . It’s a hoax until beach front properties start getting advertised on top of Mount Everest.

Yep . . . It’s a hoax until beach front properties start getting advertised on top of Mount Everest.

yep… its a hoax until someone proves its ture :rolleyes:

Apparently the truth is already out there . … .

Earth: 4.5 billion years.
Human: 130 thousand years ago (Modern men).
Global Warming Studies: roughly +20 Years.
Making humanity go crazy about something that has not been proved: Eternal.

Some things in life are not forever! For everything else, use Master Card.

I used Master card until they started charging annual fee . . . then I cancelled it.

AH HA! i found evidence of global warming!


and look here!


Well that answers it. Global warming is here. Anyone keen to invest in some property in the Mount Everest area ?

oh wait i forgot

but then again

i dont know about you, but they sure do warm my globe!

Nice birds - I mean the two legged ones. Wait they all got two legs.

Most men have a stick. But a globe might be nice… :smiley:

i have a stick and two globes thank you very much

and it looks likes NJROTC has the greater come back one liners.

Storm surges do happen. The tidal surge in England was a big one, but has happened before… Doesn’t mean it should be immediately linked to Global Warming. And yeah, it’s really weird that people connect strange weather to global warming when we’ve had strange weather in the past.

Even if the temperature of the globe is increasing, there’s no reason to think it’s not part of some natural cycle. I’m far from convinced that man and CO2 are the causes. Of course, I don’t rule it out either.

There’s a new book out with some this title that goes “if humans weren’t here” or something to the effect. It’s got a picture of a stature with climbers growing up on it. I’ll read it when it comes in the library . . . since I can’t quite afford it now.

The world will end when shit happens, just any of you try and argue with that, i dare you.

You think inflation is fake as well, then?

aww man! they deleted my gold fish thread before i got to see it!