Tie Fighter and Intercepter

I threw together together these models of tie fighters/interceptor. Do my lasers look ok? Also, does anybody have any ideas about adding details? I merely added little bumps and things almost randomly, I guess I should sit down, look at a picture and do it right.

C&C welcome!



Some other views:

Cool spaceshipe…

you need to increase the halo size (or if you’re using particles use the vect option.)

First of all, you have some nice models there. :slight_smile:

Second of all, turn on OSA when rendering, please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Third of all, to add detail I would definitely recommend finding reference pictures and trying to duplicate the detail from there as best you can.

Thats a cool Laser effect. I was thinking of doing something like that for a long time.

You know what could give your animation that extra touch of sophistication. Adding a quick burst of green light from a lamp that is parented to the lazer. So when the lazer fires, the green light goes off for a split second and reflects off the the T-fighter, giving that extra sense of realism.

What I’m saying is nothing new, its based on the fireworks tutorial at blender3d.org.

I love the old star wars movies :smiley: specialy because of the x-wing and tie fighters, now u only need to texture the “planes” otherwice maybe more detail in the mesh, but KUTGW :smiley:

Wow, thanks guys :smiley: . Yes, I need to turn on OSA, gosh, I always forget that!

Ozo: thanks for the advice! I’ll have to try that over thanks giving! Free time! Yea!

Yes, and I definitely need to add more detail. Thanks!