TIE fighter

I want one. Blocking out the base proportions for now…

Looks fine so far. The key will be materials and fine details.

Are you dead set on doing this one it would be cooler if you did the interceptor instead? I always thought the Interceptor’s with their bent wings to be much better looking than the regular Tie fighters. The look far more menacing.

this looks good though. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

Thanks both.

Kemmler: You’re right there. Also, I’m wanting the overall final look to be like an authentic bulky model as opposed to a lot of the obviously CG versions I’ve seen in my search for reference. I’m thinking this will mean eliminating a lot of hard edges in the final stage (e.g. beveling) and there’s going to be a lot of those to work on.

tyrant monkey
: Interceptor is certainly one I’d pick for a battle, though I prefer the idea of the humble version (for now) as it brings back memories of these bouncing around asteroids in Episode V. Best space fight yet.

Deciphering reference for detail is going to be interesting. Hard to tell whether areas have been broken off the models. At the fine level, some lumps on the original models might even just be blobs of paint.

Lolz - shoulda known I’d soon put the file down and do nothing on it for another month or so. Got to play again this afternoon at least.

I always thought the spokes in the front window were straight. In some reference, they are, though in others they appear to be curved.

I’m going for the curved spokes for now. Somethings not right somewhere in the proportions, though I’m just glad to have got something more done today.

looking good :smiley: look forward to seeing more :smiley: