Tiefling Barbarian

So I got into a D&D campaign for the first time and this was the character I created. It was a nice excuse to figure out how to do toon characters in Eevee. I researched Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, Dragonball FighterZ, etc.) and this is what I got after month of on and off work. So far, I think it looks more like CyberConnect2 (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series) which is still good, but not quite there yet.
To me, the shadows on the face are what’s bothering me the most. After playing around with Normal Editing and ILM textures, it looks great…but only in it’s default/rest pose :unamused:. If you notice, the shadows on the face are pretty rough but that only happens when you animate the face. If anyone figured out how to handle this, hopefully I can fix this. Any other tips or critic are also greatly appreciated!

Tiefling Barbarian

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Shadow Test
tiefling shadowTest


First off, great work so far. I’m not sure how to fix your problem completely but I have a few ideas to start with. first, have you marked each shadow area as sharp and made sure all faces within point the same direction?

Well idk if your problem got solved but playing around with the shadow setting in eevee should work