Tiger 1

On to my next project, now that my Sd.Kfz 251 is complete.

The Tiger 1. I have the base and shape, now doing details, starting in the back, going forward.

Very nice. Cant wait to see this fighting machine textured. Im a big fan of WW II tanks and the World of Tanks game.

Nice modelling. It will be awesome if you model the Tiger II, the Jagdtiger and the Sturmtiger.


For now, I will focus on the Tiger 1, but nothing is impossible for future projects.

I think I got all the details down now. Having a hard time finding anything missing, going over ref. pics, double checking everything…

German monstrosities. Beautiful they are. I’m inspired to work on my tank model again.

So this is where I’m at right now

Alternative 2

Hey man, nice work so far.
I think however your edges are a bit sharp. Some Beveling would look good.
Also: are you done with the Snow? It seems a bit undefined.


No, the enviro is not done. The tank is however. I tried with a little bevel, but it didnt look right. This is as close as I could get to all the ref. pics I was looking at during model phase.

Continuing the work with enviro and post-process experimenting.