tiger head

Here it is for your C+C.

Very nice cartoony style. Can’t come up with anything to crit atm. Could you provide some additional side shots? And maybe a wire?

I like it! One thing though, the nose looks a little too flat. Maybe round it out a bit more and it’ll be rockin’. Nice texturing too, very "Ice Age"ish :slight_smile:


Haha I love it :smiley: Has a alot of character.

holy crap thats cool.
great texturing, what did you use to make the textures
only crit is the nose is a little large and i think may take away from the overall model, i would just make it a little smaller
are you going to make a body?

totally swaeet! that is really cute - i thought it was a replic of ice age tiger! :wink:

Ok, thanks for all the comments so far. The textures were done in Photoshop. Everything else is Blender. I am planning to finish the tiger with a body. I’m thinking about a monkey warrior riding on top with some armor or something as well. Kind of He-man. Maybe a relative of the Blender monkey, he he. I noticed with the wire renders that the ear is messed up.
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Hahaha! How very Nice, like your style.

Nice, looks just like out of loony tunes :slight_smile:

Fantastic work. The colours are superb. UV Mapped or texture painted in Blender?


really great style toonished tiger !!!

Ha! I love it! It reminds me of a combonation of Ice Age and the tooth brushing dinosaurs from when I was a kid.

Looks great, the only thing I would suggest is that you do a specularity map of hair, and put it over the model to make it look like it has fur. Right now, it kind of looks like leather to me, which could be what your going for. It still looks great the way it is.

really nice work.
now finish it!!! :wink:

You people ever played The Wiggles?
If you did, you would know it’s a hamster, not a tiger :wink:
I’m serious - it really reminds me a head of a hamster from The Wiggles game.
Well done, dude!

This is Greaaatttttt! I like the way that laid out your texture map too.

Are you going to give him a body?

Excellent character.
This model is sorely in need of some fine fur. Static particles maybe? That would really enhance this ten fold.

Good job. 8)


Yes it’s nice… but he doesn’t look too smart… … was that the idea ?
Other than that… very nice…


Thats awesome!
only crit i have is the snout seems a little too boxy just before the nose
other than that its great, i like the cartoony style
:smiley: :smiley: