Tiger in snow

Updated version:

-------------------------------------------OLD VERSION----------------------------------------------
Time to wrap this up, and move on.

Tiger 1 in snow, rendered in Cycles at 700 samples. Minor post-process in PS.

The shadows are super realistic. Very impress with the snow texture…could you post a wireframe of this blend.

That looks great. Nice tank modelling and lighting. you use a blueprint for the Tiger? I’ve been asked to model a WW1 Mark 1 tank to 3D print… hope mine turns out as good!


Yes, it was done using blueprints, to get all proportions right.

This turned out great! I like the composition that you have chosen. It has a great sense of openness and depth. Did you model the field to actual size, or somehow fake it? Because it turned out very well.

Thank you!

The field is big, but the size in not real. It is as you call it, fake.

This is great work and the shadows are very good and realistic.

Thank you very much!

The only thing I would say your missing there is tracks in the snow leading up to where the tank sits now. Unless you want to imply that its been sitting there so long that snow fell and filled the tracks, in which case there would still be depressions left from where the tracks had been. Minor gripe really, its a great image!

Makes me think of world of tanks.

Definitaly thought the field was a picture! really good, yeh like Dave_K said it just needs slight imperfections from the tank tracks.

Thanks guys, I will try and work on that during the week!

Here is an updated version, with new tracks in the snow.