Tiger Tank

Progress so far :slight_smile:


Tell me what you think.

Looking good so far! I just have one question: Why use a textured plane instead of a background image?

Because I use the ‘Import image as plane’ plug-in enabled. It means I don’t have to scale the images when I have multiple views (Images). All I do then is enable ‘texture solid’ under the viewport settings and then I’m ready to model. It’s a bit like how you would set blueprints up in Maya or 3DSMax. :slight_smile:

Yeah using planes is nice, best trick I ever learned as a new blender-er was that plug in.

The best thing is you can see the image from all angles with background images if you move .000001 degree off from straight on the image goes away. Another nice thing is you can grab the plane and drag it through your model to check its lines more definately than just using the BG image

the tiger its looking very nice so far :slight_smile:

I’m scrapping the model and blueprint in the first post and have decided to start on another ‘Type’ of Tiger tank.
I am going to try and add as much detail and accuracy as I can, I have about 100 reference images of the tank and multiple blueprints.
To start with, I have remodelled the gun and muzzle to represent better accuracy and detail.
I fully reworked the muzzle brake as well as the addition of barrel rifling. The gun is now one entire object.
Have a look for yourself… :slight_smile:


Nice, eh :slight_smile:

small points:

  1. your rifling is very different from the real thing, the twist appears to be much more slight in the real gun, the lands(raised parts of the rifling) are smaller and more numerous in the real thing

  2. the very tip of the barrel in your model has a raised portion that isnt present in your picture

  3. you’re missing the rectangle looking divot or indent on the bottom of the barrel about 1/3 from the left in your reference

its looking awesome though, you might check out the “Military Intel” section of this website:


I bet you can find some great reference photos from the hundreds of websites listed in there. I bet they would enjoy seeing your model as well ^^

  1. The muzzle brake in the reference image is a Panther alteration of the Tiger muzzle. The added lip in the front is supposed to be there :slight_smile:

  2. Well noticed about the rifling, I will get that fixed :slight_smile:

  3. Thx for the link.

Here, I refined the things you pointed out. I will add depth onto the model with normal maps later.

Further tweaking and beginning on front turret plate.