Tiger walk cycle test

this is my first animation in blender. Just a walk cycle test of a tiger. I´m not very happy with the offset of the cycle but anyways, hope someone more experienced than me could give me some feedback or critique!


Thanks in advance

This would look nicer if you added more bounce to his head, he looks very stiff. Also the way the speed changes so quickly looks unrealistic, try making the speed changes smoother. Apart from that you’ve got the actual walk looking nice. Good Job!

good job for first go. needs to be more fluid.

thanks for your comments! I´ll keep on with, and post any improvements!

The part that throws me off is the head needs to move more (as mentioned by VoxelHound) Also, every time he steps down he kind of pauses while his paws rotate in what looks like a bounce.

The walk cycle is wrong. You have the legs going 2–2--2–2--2–2--2–2. It should be more like 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Here’s a video someone else did showing it, with a slo-mo section.

Steve S

yess, you´re right Steve S!! I´ll try to fix that
Thanks for your comments and feedback!