Whats up guys, so here’s my last project, still learning, still improving, i hope you like it!

Here’s a link of the project with more renders and better quality: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xnqbm

It looks good, realistic!

It isn’t the newest idea though. As in it has been done quite a bit.
I like it anyways.

looks cool - 2 thoughts:
If it’s been sitting there for a long time - then there should be more plant stuff on the tank.
If it hasn’t been sitting there for a long time, then there should be evidence behind it that it drove there.

You have a good point, tx!

Yeah you’re right, it all started with the idea of doing some complex vehicle as a challenge, i’m not used to do vehicles (the last one was kinda meh…), i was playing a videogame with my friends and the idea came to me: Why not a tank? It has a lot of pieces and details… So yeah it’s not the most original idea but i had tons of fun doing it anyways, hahaha.

The idea of putting the tank on a forest came later, just for not having an empty background… But as Cadaei said it needs more context, so for the next time i do something like this i’ll write a short history first, so i will have a reference of what to do and what’s happening.

The textures look super nice here. Are these hand painted or from images? I’d be interested in hearing some details about the process you took to achieve these textures

I made the textures of the Tiger in substance painter but first i created a camouflage tile texture, picking the colors of real german tanks camouflage. That process was made in Photoshop.

After that i just started texturing in substance: I used a metal material as a base, then i dragged the tile texture on a fill layer at the color channel and i started to add and tweak some smart masks into the fill layer, so i could get a worn out paint effect over the metal.

Also, i used the “Fine Rust material” with some smart masks and “Dirt smart material” too…and this is the result.

As for the vegetation, these are free textures from https://www.textures.com/

Thanks for the details! I appreciate it

In my opinion the image is too saturated. Coloured one anyway.
I like black and white version, but its too blurry.
Modeling looks good, not super realistic, but good.
When it comes to the composition of the image, I would rather destroy the tank :yes: .
Brake it’s tracks, bend the cannon a little.
If you want to keep the tank “alive”…change the texture. Give it more battle worn look, because now it looks like it’s been lying in a ditch for 20 years.

Good job.

Ty, good point.

You are right, the idea was to make an abandoned old tank when i decided to put it in a forest, and yes, the color is saturated but i’m aware of it, dunno, i kinda like it (might be not correct but i like it xD) but i’ll take note anyways. There are lots of things to improve.

Now you mention it i could make another version of the tank, destroyed and burned, also i could put it in an urban-destroyed environment, (but this i’ll do after the next project i’m doing right now). Any ideas of how to make destroyed buildings?

Hi 3D fer,

Good job, i like your compositiion but just if you can correct coloration, and maybe improve lighting about tank he have too much light, i have try to improve your render you can see here the difference.

maybe play with more darker, because in forest you have more shadow and tank are more dark.

Thank, great job man!