TightVNC Blender problem

I need to use Blender with TightVNC to change some parameters when I am doing a Fluid simulation or when I want to render from other computer.
My problem: I only see a black screen in the window of Blender. I think that happens because of the 3D acceleration. I know that because when I ran Blender and Tightvnc in an old PC without graphic accelaration I don’t have problems to see blender.
An idea of a solution: I want to try to shutdown the 3D acceleration in Blender. I tried to do it from the graphic-card-configuration but I still get the black window when I open blender.

OS: Windows XP
GC: Nvidia

If anyone have a solution, Thank you.

What you need to do is model on one computer and render on the other (or perhaps render on both). It’s a matter of uploading your scene (or better, sharing a filesystem/drive), and then running blender’s command-line (cmd prompt) render mode. You should also think about learning Linux, as it will teach you this way of solving problems much better than windows ever will :wink:

What I can say from my experience: I used ThighVNC and Blender together, to monitor render process on remote machines. It worked ok. Make sure that you press sometimes “reload” in VNC, maybe is the problem of refreshing. Try several compression modes. GFX card problem does not sound promissing ! :frowning:

Thank you people. Now, I’m rendering from the command line. Later I’ll try to fix my problem with tightvnc. I know a little of Linux so I’ll install it and see what I can do from there.