Tile texture does not align properly in UV Editing

Hi there

I would like to align the gaps between the tiles in this texture properly in UV Edit mode (please find picture attached) but they do not lign up properly.
The real problem is, that some of these gaps do line up well while others do not. Means, as soon as I change anything, I might be able to align some of them better while destroying the already well aligned ones.
Is there a trick to line them all up properly?


Get one face oriented. In the UV editor, select your good face and pin its vertices (‘p’ key for me.) Then select the faces that depend on it, up to the miter, and unwrap. They will line up.

If you want to scale an adjoining face, do it by selecting an entire edge in the UV editor, and moving it constrained to a single axis-- like, g y move mouse confirm.

If you have ngons or trapezoids, don’t try to move edges like this. It will screw up your mapping. If you’re having trouble with strange UVs in the middle of faces, remember that all geometry is really made of triangles, not other shapes. Consider triangulating your mesh temporarily, just because UV distortion issues will make much more sense when looking at an explicitly triangulated mesh.

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Cool. Thank you so much!

Your UV islands can’t be at the right scale in relation to each other. Looking at your example: The UV island for the upwards facing row of tiles is larger than the scale of the UV island facing us. That’s why they begin in alignment at your blue circle and are off by the time you get to the red circle. Average Islands Scale might help.

Hi John
Thanks for your reply. Sorry to ask, but what is a UV island?

Take a look at the default Suzanne monkey head in the UV editor. It has 5 UV islands: The main one for the head and one each for each eyeball and ear. If you were to cut along UV seams and separate things, each separate area is known as a UV island.

Thanks. I will try to remodel the whole scene and check it, once I am reaching the modelling of the pool again.

Hi there

During remodeling I ran into the same problem again.
I can tweak and adjust until it fits more or less but the tiles never really match completely.

In UV Editing I have aligned both faces over each other (it looks like one face in the picture but it’s actually 2 faces), so they are the exact same size and at the same position. According to my understanding, they should then be in line though, but they aren’t.
There is also no improvement if I align them adjacent to each other or over/under each other.

I am talking about the 2 faces that are highlighted on the picture and disregard the others momentarily.

I guess I only have the options to change position and/or to change the size of the faces to make them fit better.
If I change the size, I will alter the size of the gaps what I don’t want.
If I alter the position I will align some gaps better while others will mismatch then.

Thanks for your help.

One face is longer than the other. They shouldn’t be the same size on the UV layout. They need to be the same scale. You can use vertex snapping in the UV editor along with rotating stuff in face selection mode to line things up.

Ah okay.

You meant the real faces need to be the same size. Sorry, I understood you meant the “faces” in the UV Editor should be the same size.

I think I got it. I’ve split up the longer Face with Loop Cut to create faces of equal length. No idea if that’s what you had in mind or if there is a more elegant solution, but it seemed to work.
Thanks for your help and for not giving up!

I should not have mentioned scale now if I’m honest. It’s clear that everything you are working on is the same object. Relative scale can be an issue if unwrapping multiple objects at the same time and haven’t applied scale.

With your object, an unwrap should leave you with everything having the correct size in relationship to each other. All that should be required is moving and rotating stuff in the UV editor to get things to line up the way you want. In my example above, the face A, the face B and the face inbetween them (and also the face to the left of A and to the right of B) didn’t start there in the UV layout. I moved, rotated and snapped them into those positions.

For things like this where I don’t have to deal with angles, I usually split out and combine object coordinates into the three 2D coordinates, and combine them together based on the normal (no blending or anything fancy). So something like this, no UVs required:

Wow. Well thanks guys.

I have to admit this seems to be beyond my current skill level.
I finally adjusted the size of the faces with loop cut and have broken them down to equal sizes. Once they were all the same size, I could finally arrange the gaps between the tiles but before this step, just tweaking and rearranging in the UV Editor did not do the job.
Probably something I don’t understand yet and I hope I will someday but thanks you all a lot for having at least found this maybe not so elegant solution but at least a solution.