Tileable images!~~Take them!

Hey Everybody!
I’ve got a zipped file of 20 tileable textures that I made myself. I’m not saying that they’re terrific (some are better than others), but if you want them, have at it. You may use or modify them in your games free as can be…but if you would mention my name I’d appreciate it!

The file is 8.89 MB as the images are pretty good quality. If requested upon, I can make a smaller file version for dial-up users.

They were tiled in Photoshop Elements 4.0 and I used a method described in a thread a little while ago. (sorry to whoever made it; I couldn’t find it!) Basically, you off-set the image, and spot-correct or clone the edge 'til it’s gone. I can explain in more deatail if needed.

Okay: the file http://www.box.net/public/4xmssnzen6

Enjoy! All suggestions and critisism welcome!


what a nice gift :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks p00f!!
At least SOMEBODY will take the time to look…!

P.S. - I really like your games! (How do you make them so fast??)

I think Stu is being modest, they really are very nice textures. In case anybody’s wondering, they are outdoor textures, here are the thumbnails:
Thank you, Stu_Flowers, these will work nicely with the racetrack I’m working on. Did you take the photos and everything?

Yup! Took me a little while, but they work pretty good.

I just used a Cannon Powershot G5, a pretty common camera.

And thanks for the thumbnails!

Very nice textures! Two Thumbs Up! :slight_smile:

Thanks blender_rox!