Tileable textures, - stopping repeating pattern

Trying to work out how to make tileable textures not so obviously tiled.
had the idea of mixing them together with a cloud texture as the blend factor, and having the two textures offset, but i couldn’t get it to work, Does anyone know the node setup for this, or any other tricks?

Layered and mixed texture can be mapped at a different size, so that it ties at different intervals. Look under Texture / Mapping, and try changing the value of X, Y, Z under size.

I’m not sure, if you are straight rendering or game creating, but for rendering you do not have to use nodes to layer textures.
I often use “cloud” and other procedural textures,+ making walls and floors more ‘dirty’ etc.

Load your base texture in as usual. Then add the cloud texture in the next texture slot underneath. Use the colour ramp to alter the textures colours and the amount of alpha you need and then use add or mix, etc for the effect you require.
Size the cloud either in the texture control panel or with the sizex, sizey settings, further along, (or resize the texture space).

BE WARNED: Procedural textures, (maths based texture creation), do not take as much memory as a bitmap image, BUT they can increase render time significantly, because the texture is generated at blend time, ‘on the fly’. If you are creating an animation, this can really lengthen the completion time, so the “Gimp” method may be more practical.

I use “Gimp” to make my bitmaps seamless and the tileing less noticeable. GIMP\FILTERS\MAPPING\MAKE SEAMLESS. Not always what you want but it can be very useful. (Sorry cannot post a link).

Hope this helps for now.



LOL. Someone else answered while I was composing my reply.