Tiling texture. Did I setup anything wrong?

Hi there,

I try to paint a tile texture in blender, because photoshop takes my 20+G hard drive space and pretty much all memory it can takes for just running a 1024 image with 16 smart-objects. Crazy.

Since blender got a node editor I think it’ would be great for paint tile texture. Ideally, I thought I could use Texture Coordinate and Mapping nodes (rotation, scale/repeat)to testing how it tiles.

However, the value changes doesn’t shows, or it doesn’t work.
this is my steps:

  1. create a plane mesh
  2. switch to Texture Paint Mode, then add texture as Single Image Mode, paint texture, then save the texture.
  3. switch to Object Mode, add a material for the plane mesh and assign the created texture to it.
  4. open Shade editor, add Texture Coordinate node and Mapping node to the material.

I change the value on the Mapping node, but nothing changed.

Is there anything I did wrong? Thank you in advance!

Can you try Generated or Object and show what your results are?

You may have no UV’s is a guess.

Thanks your reply !

I change it to Generated, and “eyedrop” the plane, still doesn’t work.
I checked the UV. Looks fine. (noted in red.)

I noticed your setting in your texture node is set to Generated. After, I set it to Generated, the texture doesn’t show up. (noted in Green, in the flowing message.)

I have no idea. Do you have any clue on that?

Thanks !!!

texture doesn’t show up after I change to Generated.

Are you in material preview there?

Yes, I’m in the material preview mode.

Im running outa ideas here, maybe you have more than one material on the plane is about the only thing I can think of here…

Send me the file and I can have a look,

Or open another Blender copy paste your object and see if it works, sometimes file corruption…

this could cause yr problem…

right, but I don’t have any extra material on it.
I upload it on my GD, cause I am a new user, so I can’t attach file here.


VERY appreciate, dude!

Works here, but, there was a Blank texture.

can you try with any other picture file that is on your computer…

Blender does a funny thing with unsaved data, esp textures, so did you save the image after you drew it?

Also, when sharing a .blend file, if you dont pack the texture it wont appear in the .blend file (I forgot to mention this to you when I asked for the file!)

it will give you this prompt…

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THAT’s The thing! Works after I pack it. what a small thing but without knowing it, it’s a bit frustrated.

Thank you very much, @AlphaChannel !

Yeah, cool, its something I dont do anymore! because it caught me out a while ago, so I changed my way of working.

so it took me a while to figure out…